All my childhood I had spent around creative people. My parents are the first ones who introduced an art to me. My mom is an artist and my father is a professional photographer. When I was a little girl my father used to carry his film camera everywhere. We had a big shelf in the hallway that represented all his film camera’s collection. Every day I was passing by and couldn’t understand why he needs so many. I was asking myself what stands behind his passion. The summer days I used to spend on the beach with my friends and my father wanted me to learn a little bit of basic settings. But that time I just wanted to take a photos of my joyful life without learning hard stuff. I remember how I rushed to the lab to develop my photos and was so curious how they turned out. It was like a Christmas present when I had a chance to look at them after some waiting time.

And now many years have passed, I shoot on digital camera these days and totally forgot these feelings, beautiful moments like in my childhood when you see your scans after a long wait. So, I decided to try and shoot on film families and people. It gives me that magic feeling of dreamy look, that perfect imperfection, the sense of tenderness that you can’t reproduce with digital camera. I am learning and it’s a wonderful journey for me.

There are some of my favorite photos of incredible family who I met not long ago and was willing to participate in my experiment. I am grateful to feel a power, more interest and curiosity to be better in film photography.

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